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The US-Dakota War of 1862 – the Trials and Hangings

“The trials of the Dakota were conducted unfairly in a variety of ways. The evidence was sparse, the tribunal was biased, the defendants were unrepresented in unfamiliar proceedings conducted in a foreign language, and authority for convening the tribunal was … Continue reading

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Butch Cassidy’s Grave Might Be In Nevada

The story that Butch Cassidy spent his last days in Nevada has been around a long time, long enough that a dirt road near Johnnie is named Butch Cassidy Pass. So how did that tale get started? “It’s very difficult … Continue reading

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Stories of Butch Cassidy and Ann Bassett in Leeds, UT

The following is taken from the book “Leeds; Historical Events in Little Pieces” by Wilma Cox Beale. Ann Willis A friend of mine, Dorothy Spendlove, from Hurricane, Utah, asked me if I knew where Ann Willis was buried. She said … Continue reading

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Sullivan County, New York

I wanted to share some information I received about the county in which I grew up, Sullivan County, New York…my hometown was Livingston Manor, named after Edward Livingston, relative of Richard Livingston who helped draft the Constitution…the county seat is … Continue reading

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The House Where Ann Bassett Died

I am so excited, and have to get this out, somewhere…since no one in the world really cares, but… Anyway, Butch Cassidy’s long time friend and lover (IMO) was Ann Bassett, the “Queen of the Rustlers…she moved to Leeds, Utah, … Continue reading

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A Journey In the Seabord Slave States

A JOURNEY in the SEABOARD SLAVE STATES, WITH REMARKS ON THEIR ECONOMY By Frederick Law Olmstead… CONTENTS Journey to the Seaboard Slave States Chapter I – VIRGINIA Slave Labor – Overseers – A Coal Mine – Negro and English Miners – valuable Servants – … Continue reading

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Who Was Etta Place

From, this is the best discussion of the mystery of Harry Longabaugh (“the Sundance Kid”)’s girlfriend, Etta Place. About Etta Place (wife of the “Sundance Kid”) Etta Place (born c. 1878, date of death unknown) was a companion … Continue reading

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