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Victor Davis Hanson Military History Quarterly, Winter, 2003  In the thirty years since the Ameri­can defeat in Vietnam, an array of anti-war catch phrases has per­meated our popular culture: “Vio­lence only breeds violence”; “Make love, not war”: “War never solved … Continue reading

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Copperhead Democrats Then and Now

By Spring of 1864, the American Civil War seemed to be going no place to many of the American people. The Federal government had undergone a sting of tragic defeats and pyrrhic victories and to the average citizen, the war … Continue reading

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Why We Lose Wars

We have had a sorry record with respect to war since the end of World War II. We have not won a single conflict in which we have engaged, major or minor. This is not a slam on our troops; … Continue reading

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The World Turned Upside Down

When the British Army at Yorktown, Virginia, surrendered to American General Washington, on October 19, 1781, the British band was playing a British song, first published in 1643,  called “The World Turned Upside Down.” The first verse of this song … Continue reading

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Spinning the War in Iraq

When I read the article in this week’s New York Times, where Brookings Institution scholars Michael O’Hanlon and Kenneth Pollack argue that “[w]e are finally getting somewhere in Iraq, at least in military terms.” I was elated; when the New … Continue reading

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Virginia Tech Confronts Evil

I have attempted to resist the temptation to comment on the shooting on the campus of Virginia Technical College. The shootings were terrible. There is really nothing else to be said about them. While we all strive to gain some … Continue reading

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Sometimes You Have To Fight

I have a friend who is married, with children. He was telling me, the other day, about his six year old son. Now, my friend is not a pacifist. He just doesn’t like guns, though, and tried to keep guns, … Continue reading

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