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The Lost Adams Digging

The Lost Adams Diggings is a Southwestern treasure story that refers to the existence of a canyon rich in gold deposits somewhere in western New Mexico in the early 1860s. Read the Wiki article, about a man named Adams who … Continue reading

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The Historic King Arthur

There is a strong probability that something wonderful happened sometime around the year 510 A.D. This something was so wonderful that a name, Arthur, had to be attached to this event, and this name has resounded for almost two millennium … Continue reading

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Lincoln and Sickles After Gettysburg, or Abraham LIncoln’s Religious Faith

This pamphlet was given to me by a descendant of Major General Daniel Sickles to thank me for my spirited defense of Major Sickles’ actions at Gettysburg. It is the ONLY account on record of the conversation between Major Sickles … Continue reading

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William Harrison Merritt

    from pages 80-81 & 82 of “Bolivar, N.Y. Pioneer Oil Town” by: John P. Herrick, The Ward Ritchie Press Los Angeles, Cal. 1952 Of the many oil region stories told to the writer, none surpasses in human interest … Continue reading

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Sgt. Laurinda Anna Blair Etheridge, the Angel of the Third Corps

ANNA ETHEREDIGE – The Angel of the 3rd Corps. Anna Etheridge was a woman who was known to every man of the  3rd Corps of the Army of the Potomac. She is mentioned in numerous regimental histories that I’ve read from this … Continue reading

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