U.S. Pariah

I have written, here, for the past few months, about the coming war with Islam. In my opinion, this war is inevitable; while it can be, truthfully, said that the majority of Moslems have no desire for such a war, that can be said of any nation, at any time in history. Especially in nations which do not exist by the will of the people, what people want is almost irrelevant. The government can always couch wars in terms that people will, unwillingly, perhaps, support.

 In this, however, I have always assumed we can and will win. Our strength, alone, is equal to anything that can be thrown against us, and we have allies in the world, in the West, who will support us in this fourth attempt at Moslem imperialism against the West. Surely the West will not allow themselves to be overwhelmed.

 I am far less sanguine, now. Victor Hanson has written a very powerful article, outlining the weakness of Europe, in the face of Moslem infiltration. Not only does Europe lack the will to fight for their cultural identity, they lack the military strength. They are, truly, a house of straw. When Germany sought to ban the opening of an Opera, because of fears of violence, one knew that Germany was afraid.

 But certainly there is Great Britain, our staunchest ally, our closest friend for over a hundred years, a nation which withstood the blitzkrieg, and cheered when their Prime Minister trumpeted to his beleaguered people during the darkest days of WWII that “We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight them in the hills; we shall never surrender.”

 Sadly, it seems to be taking far less, now, for the British to surrender. Who would have thought that a British warship would stand by while a group of Iranian pirates captured 15 British sailors, and took them off to captivity and an uncertain fate? Who would have thought that British schools would avoid teaching about topics that might offend their Moslem students. Could it be that Tony Blair is the only reason why Britain still has a backbone? And with Blair stepping down from his job as Prime Minister, that Britain will join the legion of surrender to fears of Moslem violence? Certainly, his expected replacement, Mr. Gordon Brown, is not the person to stand up to Moslem terror. His forte is economics, and he is being strongly urged to distance himself from the pro-USA policies of Tony Blair. While miracles will happen, it does not look like, from this perspective, that we can depend on Britain, if there is a fight.

Diana West on the hostage crisis and the surrender culture… says, “when a civilization no longer inculcates an overriding attachment to its own survival, well, it no longer survives as a civilization.” While our civilization is, in many ways, the last hope for humanity, we should not be so afraid of losing our civilization and our culture that we are not afraid to risk it to defend it. In the same light, we should never be so afraid of the consequences of our actions that we fail to do what is right. Very often being right alienates you from the majority people who want to be safe. It is better to be right than to be liked.

We return from this important digression to the current situation in Iran. The Iranians learned, in 1983, that, by taking hostages, they can gain great benefits from the Democracies. Not only did they humiliate the largest nation in the world, but they were paid over 1 billion dollars in bribes to free the hostages. If one studies the history of this kind of ‘Danegeld,’ whereby nations pay off barbarians in order to avoid being attacked, all it does is encourage the barbarians to return for more money. This is what is happening in Iraq. No matter which factional dispute originated this hostage taking, Iran will not back down until either it suffers for the action, or it is bought off.

There are many who prefer to negotiate. Negotiation implies a give and take, whereby two sides eventually come to an agreement that is mutually beneficial. Past negotiation with Moslems demonstrate, amply, that, while mutual agreement is often reached, the Moslems often do not keep the agreements. One needs only to follow the various negotiations between the Islamic forces and Israel during the decades following the 1960’s to understand what negotiating with Moslem terrorists yields. What is accomplished, in the end, is the giving of bribes to the terrorists we are negotiating with, to buy them off for as long as possible. Danegeld, by any other name.

Barbarians do not recognize negotiations between equals; the assumption, on their part, is that if a stronger power wishes to negotiate, it is from weakness, not strength. Barbarians do not negotiate in order to settle disputes, they negotiate in order to gain advantage. We do ourselves no good by attempting to negotiate with terrorists and terrorist States. They do not want to live in peace with us. They want to destroy us.

It is very likely that we will be in conflict with, at least, Iran and, more likely, more than a few Moslem States. It is very likely that the ‘we’ I was talking about is, in fact, the United States, as most of our traditional allies will stand on the sidelines and wait to see which side will win. It is possible that this war will cripple our economy, due to the cut-off of our supplies of oil from the Mideast, that we will suffer terrorist attacks that will kill thousands of people in the continental United States, and for those reasons and more, we could lose, with Europe being under a nominal Moslem suzerainty, and the United States in a state of economic and political collapse. This is all possible.

We will not win, if we do not resist. Michelle Malkin is selling a line of clothing with the motto, in Arabic, which says “I shall not submit.” A more American version of this motto would be the motto on the Gadson Flag, “Don’t Tread on Me.” Our American ancestors did not travel into untamed wilderness, with enemies all around them, they did not rise up against the most powerful military force in the world to declare their freedom, they did not fight a horrendous civil war to determine who would be free so that we would allow some pissant barbarians from an eight century civilization determine our future, without us standing up for what we believe.

We are Americans. There are many reasons why we should feel pride in being able to say that about ourselves. If others dislike us because we are proud of what we are, that is not our fault. If others envy us, and want what we have, or want to destroy us because they cannot have it, we have no reason to feel cowed because of that. We can and should stand up for what we believe…and if we die doing so, we die for the sake of a humanity of the future, or of a humanity that could have been. Either way, far better that we die standing on our feet than lying face down, waiting for the executioner’s blade. Americans bow for no one.

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