The American Left’s Support For Totalitarianism

The political left has a proud record on some issues. Its main claim to fame is the unionization of the working class, a hard fought battle which was, in many cases, necessary. It has a reputation of championing the cause of workers, the ‘underclass,’ defined as those who live at an economic level that is below the median income of the rest of society, and ‘minorities,’ defined, basically, as those of a different culture than the mainstream who also belong to the underclass.

In fact, though, if one examines these positions carefully, one can detect a basic, underlying theme, which changes the benevolent image of the left in a dramatic way. Unionism is, basically, anti-Capitalist. Sure, it changes the living standard of the worker, in the short term, but it forces a wage scale upon the business that has no real relationship to the realities of the market. Sure, someone has to be an advocate for those who do not have the resources to fight for themselves in a more and more complex society, but this is not where the Left focuses its energies; its main focus is attempting to siphon off capital from society to give to people who do not contribute to society in any way that justifies this capital.

In fact, the Left is totalitarian. It is the best equivalent, today of anarchist, totalitarian movements that have always plagued society. It parades itself as the champion of the underrepresented, and appeals to politically naïve young college students and adults who can see people being hurt, and want quick answers to help them, but it takes these positions simply to gain the support of these people. They are a ready pool of votes that can be appealed to with simplistic answers, and the left has a self-interest in never improving their position in life. Look at Venezuela, where Hugo Chavez is rapidly dismantling the economy of the country, with the support of the poor, to form a Communist State.

What I say, above, is not radical. It is history. If one looks at the antecedents of the modern left, today, one can go back to the Russian Revolution, and the many Socialist and anarchist elements fermenting beneath the surface of the Russian Revolution. When the Bolsheviks took control of Russian, murdering the Czar, his wife and his children, they established the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and unleashed a reign of terror upon the world that was to last 80 years, killing many tens of thousands of its own citizens of its own people.

That has to be the logical, natural and inevitable result of the ideology of the Left, for they do not believe people will do what they think is best for them; they do not believe in Democracy. In the United States, they look to the courts to gain their issues, because they cannot get them past Congress. They believe they know what is best, and are not willing to let people decide for themselves. They are totalitarians.

There is no megalomaniacal mass-murderer that the Left has not supported, no Democracy that it has supported.

  • The Nation supported Lenin,  and still supports the enemies of the west today.
  • The dramatist Maxim  Gorky was in Russia, cheering on the Lenin killing, and later cheering on the Stalin killing. He called for the extermination of Stalin’s enemies “like lice”. He supported the gulag system, and glorified the use of innocents as slave labour.
  • The Guardian supported  Stalin, and sacked the brave Malcolm  Muggeridge for telling the West about the genocidal Ukrainian  Famine (when perhaps 7 million people were deliberately starved to death by Stalin).
  • The New York Times  supported Stalin, and denied the Ukrainian Famine was happening
  • George  Bernard Shaw (and here) despised  democracy, supported Lenin, Stalin and the Soviet purges, and denied the      Ukrainian Famine happened. He also supported Hitler, and denied the Holocaust happened
  • The Daily Mail, under Lord Rothermere, supported Hitler, Nazi Germany, Mussolini and British      fascism in the 1930s
  • The writer and critic John Middleton  Murry, editor of the pacifist Peace News, said in 1940, as Britain fought desperately for its survival against genocidal Nazi Germany: “Personally I don’t believe that a Hitlerian Europe would be quite so terrible as most people believe it would be.”
  • The pacifist Vera Brittain complained about the publicity given to the gas chambers when      they were discovered in 1945. She said they were being publicised: “partly, at least, in order to divert attention from the havoc produced in German cities by alliedobliteration bombing.”

 I could go on, but one can see the pattern, here. Today it is the Leftist politicians and intellectuals, such as Jimmy Carter, and Noam Chomsky, who are the most fervent supporters of the homicidal terrorist organizations spawned by radical Islam, and the most fervent opponents of our attempts to defend ourselves against Islam.

If one can see this pattern, one can understand much of what is going on in politics, today. While it might be that many Democratic leaders are sincere in their positions, they are controlled, at present, by far-left organizations, such as and la Raza,  which are not friends of Democracy. Too often we, as Conservatives, try to argue with them on a rational basis, assuming that we all want what is best for us and our country…when, in fact, we are arguing against people who want to destroy us almost as much as our more fervent enemies. They might not even know it themselves, as they are being manipulated, but we cannot assume their good intentions. They do not trust Democracy. They do not like Capitalism. They want a totalitarian State that they feel will be benevolent, under principles they establish.

We can tolerate ‘democrats’ and anarchists, under normal circumstances, but circumstances are rarely ‘normal.’ We are always under attack by those who envy the sweat of our labor, and want to take what we have worked for, here in the United States. While in our system, everyone has a right to an opinion, we cannot ever forget that some of those people with an opinion are not our friends, and are not simply ‘political opponents’ in a Democratic system, they are fascists who want to bring out system down by using the system.

We have a right, in America, to have opinions, even idiotic opinions. In fact, it is our strength that we allow whacko opinions….sometimes they turn out to be right.

I am not suggesting we round them up the Left, and put them into camps, but we, as Conservatives, have to hammer the point that these people are not our friends, not friends of our system, our heritage, our people. They might say they ‘love’ America, by the America they love is not the America that exists, but the America they want to be…and that is what we have to fight.

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